Intelligent CRM.

Don't fear intelligent machines let it work for you.
more than a CRM, not only manages leads but also generate leads for you.

Online Payments

Let your customer pay instantly
Share proposals with instant payment options thru dynamic proposals.

Intelligent Sourcing

Source instantly from best of online or offline deals.
Compare your offline deals and online rates in a single click.

Intelligent Alerts

With Intelligent alerts contact your customer when they need you
Get SMS alerts and increase your conversions and multiply your profits.

Intelligent technology

Focus on what you are best in and let technology evolve around your needs to help you better in your business growth.

Intelligent Itineraries

Let system intelligence work with human intelligence and offer the best itineraries to your customers to fulfil customer needs.

Reasons for Choosing Us

Why choose us!

We must face our fears if we want to get the most out of technology -- and we must conquer those fears if we want to get the best out of humanity. – Garry Kasparov (Chess Grandmaster)

Our tech expertise and your experience

We believe that travel agents are integral part of travel industry as they help travellers to travel unknown places and in personalization of their trips. Today with the rise of OTA;s and technology value of travel agents work is under pressure due to non adoption of high cost technology. In our motto to help end traveler we feel that travel agents are must and to enable them we came up with the idea of helloGTX.

We at Catabatic have helped many companies to automate their business processes which resulted in great profits for them by providing right information at right time and helping them to improve the quality of work. With helloGTX we are enabling travel agents -

  • in saving time and money!
  • Create endless business possibilities !
  • Reducing operational cost
  • Better customer servicing
  • Evolving technology at affordable cost

Our sales philosophy - "Sales is about enabling partnerships of mutual growth through consistent deliveries".

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Can I send itineraries on SMS as well to my customers?

Yes! that's an unique feature that helloGTX offers where you can send itineraries on any mobile number and customers can directly book it online or can send query as well.

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Value of Travel Agents Work is Under Pressure in this age of UBERization? What's your thought?

This weekend I was watching a Hindi Movie Naya Daur of the great Mr. Dilip Kumar where a man brings disruption to a peaceful village by disturbing the livelihood of the local villagers, farmers and workers. This man does this by introducing machines to replace human labors. In the movie Hero wins by defeating the machines in a race but that was a typical Indian movie. In the movie the Hero was very innovative that he made his own path for the race based on his domain knowledge. Time have changed but scenarios are still same where traditional businesses are fighting with chatbots and technology.

Time to adopt technology

Recently I participated in a travel trade fair in Delhi. While I was having a tea break with a group of travel agents I noticed every one of them was disappointed with the low margins and OTA's. What kept me listening was that everybody was looking for better deals but none of them was talking about reducing the operational cost or increasing the sales volume which all OTA's are doing. These agents were able to generate leads thanks to new start-ups who are helping them to get leads or google but lead conversion was a major issue for these agents for various reasons mainly cost. When I get deep into the discussion I realized most of these agents are acting more like a human robot only and personalize experience, specialized knowledge and wow factor was completely missing in their customer interaction as a result it was difficult to covert a lead or retain a customer who have bought services from them in the past.

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